Our Plan of Action

HELPING IMMIGRANTS THRIVE, Inc. [HImT] is a new program providing services for non-documented, non-citizen adults, and families in New York City, who have fled poverty and/or physical danger to provide their families with a better life. Our initial target group is 10 Latino families in the Bronx buckling under the harsh circumstances in which they find themselves after being dumped from a bus in the Port Authority terminal.


An experienced bilingual Social Worker who assists clients in the following areas: referrals for legal assistance to get interim working papers; English to Speakers of Other Languages classes (ESOL); High School Equivalency Preparation (TASC, formerly known as GED); job skills; healthcare access, and help securing a safe place to live and work, so they can support their families, and become taxpaying residents of New York City. HImT will build long term relationships with our clients and work to ensure they receive every benefit that they are legally entitled to.


In our pilot program, called Llegamos NYC or we’ve arrived in New York City, we coordinate services with other agencies serving an immigrant population, who have secured the trust of the clients they serve. We have started with a small group – 10 individuals or families from Venezuela and  Colombia – whose needs we believe we can fill. We also plan to work with one or more schools of social work to provide a training ground for students interested in working with this population. Once the pilot proves to be successful, we will consider how best to expand it to a broader population in New York City.


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